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Магазин одежды Valentino Bags by Mario Valentino

О компании Valentino Bags by Mario Valentino

Mario Valentino S.p.A.® was founded by Mario Valentino in 1952 in Naples, Italy, and the head office is still located there today. The company works with its own trademark in leather goods worldwide, producing footwear and accessories.

The trademark Valentino® began in the early 20th century by Mario’s father, Vincenzo Valentino, who was considered by many to be the best craftsman in the world. But what gave Mario the opportunity to leave a mark in the history of Italian and world fashion was the precious Coral Sandal. Designed in 1954, the elegant, breakthrough design is still exhibited at the Bally Shoe Museum in Schonenwerd, Switzerland. The preciousness of the shoe gave him the cover of Vogue France in 1956 and allowed the company to sign a contract with I. Miller in New York, the only overseas company that imported and distributed luxury shoes at that time in the United States.
Mario Valentino S.P.A. has owned the trademark Valentino for Handbags and Leather goods in the United States since April 26, 1971.
Valentino Bags® has put together a luxury line of handbags and accessories made in Italy of the highest quality at an attainable luxury price point. This line is manufactured and produced in top Italian factories that also support a variety of other luxury brands.