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Магазин одежды Stuart Weitzman

О компании Stuart Weitzman

I design shoes to make women happy.

Stuart Weitzman® understands that a great shoe is about more than a form or function. It is about making a woman feel beautiful. For over 30 years, Stuart has been committed to creating this experience - shoes that caress, adorn, and adore a woman's foot; shoes that ignite her imagination, make her feel glamorous.

For her, he produces over 600 styles a year: inventing new silhouettes; adapting wondrous materials; engineering the most comfortable fit. His sense of whimsy gives the designs their unique playfulness. His native city, New York, provides the perfect backdrop for his style. His personal connection to his audience fuels his creative instinct and inspires the total character of the Company.

A shoe beyond imagination

A Stuart Weitzman shoe, as well as a Stuart Weitzman handbag, is equal parts spectacle and sculpture. It is a playground for exotic and often unexpected materials, in constrictions that routinely push the boundaries of traditional footwear. Stuart Weitzman heels surprise in pillars of chrome, stainless steel, acrylic, and bamboo; carved cork and layered woods. Silhouettes seduce in lace, linen, and silk brocade along with the most luxurious leathers.

For Stuart Weitzman evening shoes and bags, 24-karat gold, gemstones, and oceans of hand set crystals turn shoes into sparkling jewels. Across the sheer range of styles, there is an attention to detail and craft that reveals the touch of a master shoemaker. More than one hundred hand operations go into every pair. Skill infuses each surface.

Stuart Weitzman shoes and handbags worldwide

From New York to Milan, from Paris to Beijing, the Stuart Weitzman shoes and handbags have a truly international presence and a steadily growing customer base. Now the company is engaging in a new phase of growth with the opening of signature retail stores in selected cities around the world, so that women can experience a broader range of styles and more dedicated service at key destinations.