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Магазин одежды Mojo Moxy

О компании Mojo Moxy

One will sense the MOJO MOXY® girl before she walks into the room. Her style, her grace, the way she carries herself… These are qualities that are undeniable and quintessentially MOJO MOXY. Whether she’s rocking the sexiest boots imaginable or a pair of posh pumps, she will always be the center of attention. The MOJO MOXY girl is hip, slick, and cool in every way!

The MOJO MOXY girl is all about fun, and her choice in shoes makes that abundantly clear! She loves to hang out with her girlfriends in a pair of casual flats or dance the night away in a pair of sassy high heels. She’s professional and well spoken during the day, but she's ready to let her hair down and cut loose at night.

MOJO MOXY has a wide variety of pumps, sandals, boots and flats that are perfect for any occasion. There is a vast range of styles that takes the pain out of getting ready! MOJO MOXY is full of edgy attitude and oozing with sophisticated confidence. Step out and break some hearts when you get your MOJO MOXY on!